Friday, September 24, 2010

The greatest foods ever.

In a comment, put your favorite food. i will edit this post to keep a tally of bloggers favorite foods. whatever has the most will decide what i eat for 10/10/10 (note: has to be actual everyday food, i will take stupid suggestions)

Cheese Pizza - 4
Chicken a la king on toast - 1
Scrambled eggs on toast with minced peppers - 1
Chinese Food - 1 (THANK YOU SO MUCH :D)


  1. beaver loins, seriously? have you had them before? i need more info before i put it on the list

  2. Scrambled eggs on toast, with minced peppers and onions. I eat that shit every morning.

  3. dude, thanks for telling me about this blog. I love food! Can't wait to see what other stuff you come up with.

  4. How can you not have chinese food on here!